On Sunday, June 1, the Board gave an update of its correspondence with the Guiv Foundation, the cost range based on some calculations by Cyrus Rivetna (a Chicago-based architect who is helping with the construction of a Darb-e-Mehr in Dallas), and a summary of the terms of the permit by Fairfax County. 

The Board is now soliciting the community for 2 ZAMWI members to be co-chairs of a permanent center committee.  These co-chairs will be elected by the ZAMWI membership, and are to be responsible for developing a plan to move the community forward at Hunter Mill - establishing a time line, organizing various subcommittees (legal, fundraising, construction, etc.) and soliciting volunteers for them.  All of these activities are to be done pursuant to the ZAMWI Constitution and Bylaws and with the final approval of the ZAMWI Board.

If you're interested in being a co-chair or would like to nominate someone, please fill out the attached form and email it to me with a short bio by June 30th.  In order to be considered, a nominee must be proficient in English and a ZAMWI member.

Download nomination form here.

Download presentation from June 1 meeting here.

Listen to meeting proceedings here.



The ZAMWI Board received a letter from Dr. Daryoush Jahanian in response
to the below letter asking for clarification.
See the letter in its entirety

The ZAMWI Board wrote a response to the below
Declaration of Decision, asking for clarification.
Please click here to see a copy of the letter.

Please click here to see a copy of Declaration of decision from the Guiv Trust.


Please click here to download a copy of the presentation made to the Guiv Trust on Oct. 27


See what's been discussed in meetings and open forums so far:

Minutes of meeting pertaining to the center, Sept. 16

Minutes of Sept. 30 open forum at Tilden

Minutes of Oct. 7 open forum at Hunter Mill

Minutes of Oct. 14 open forum at Hunter Mill



Please click on the links below to obtain
Farsi documents pertaining to the Center.




Dear Friends,

This note contains very important information about the latest developments regarding the Zoroastrian Center for the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Please read it carefully.

As you may know, during the past decade, we have not realized our desire to have a permanent gathering place for our local community. The information contained in this note is our community’s best chance for obtaining a gathering place, both financially and within a reasonable time frame. So it is crucial for you to review this document, be educated on the various options being proposed, and subsequently give us your opinion/choice on which option is best in the long-term for our association and community.

As mentioned at the last AGM in March, a group of local Zoroastrians (known as the "Group of Five") conducted a study on the status of the proposed Zoroastrian Center located on Hunter Mill Road in Virginia. These individuals were Msrs. Mehrdad Aidun, Farzad Aidun, Mehran Khadivi, Farhad Shahryary, and Farhad Verahrami. Click here for a copy of the report.

As a result of this report and conversations with Dr. Daryoush Jahanian of the Guiv Trust (the trust that currently owns the Hunter Mill property), the Guiv Trust is presenting ZAMWI / the Zoroastrians of the D.C. metro area with 5 options. The emails sent by Dr. Jahanian describing these options are shown in their entirety below.

The ZAMWI Board would like to solicit your thoughts and opinions on these options. In forming your opinion/reaching your decision, please consider the following additional factors:
  • The initial estimated cost for just the “site preparation” for the Hunter Mill property, as documented in the attached Group of 5 report, is about $1,000,000.
  • The cost of constructing a basic structure at the Hunter Mill property - just a prayer room and several class rooms, but not including a social hall -- is about $4,200,000.
  • One or more of the owners of the properties adjacent to the Hunter Mill property have been less than welcoming.
  • The county has placed restrictive conditions on the use of the Hunter Mill property.

Based on the above facts, the ZAMWI Board at this point is inclined to favor Option 1 in Dr. Jahanian's email - to sell the land and use the proceeds for the purchase of a community center. The five trustees of the Guiv Trust -- Dr. Mehraban Shahrvini, Dr. Khosro Mehrfar, Professor Soroosh Sorooshian, Dr. Borzoo Nadjmi and Dr. Daryoush Jahanian -- will be coming to the Washington, D.C. area, would like to meet and hear from the community on Saturday, October 27th, and then select one of these 5 options. At this meeting, the ZAMWI Board will make a presentation to the Guiv Trust based on the feedback received from the community. The meeting on October 27th will take place at 6 pm at Concord-St. Andrews United Methodist Church (5910 Goldsboro Road, Bethesda, MD 20817), and will be a community pot-luck dinner.

Now is the time for your voice to be heard! In order to ensure that the larger community is aware of the facts and everyone’s opinions have been heard, there will be a series of open forums conducted within the next month before the arrival of the Guiv Trust trustees. The date and location of these forums are listed above.

Additionally, to the extent possible, you can provide your feedback to the Board during the Mehregan Function on October 6th at the McLean Community Center. Please share your thoughts and comments with the ZAMWI Board during one of these sessions. This will be one of the most important decisions and endeavors that our community undertakes in its time.

We look forward to your comments and thoughts. The contact information for the ZAMWI Board members is provided below.

The ZAMWI Board

Mr. Ardeshir Bakhtiani, President
(703) 803-3084

Mr. Farzad Aidun, Vice President
(301) 424-5078

Mr. Farhad Verahrami, Treasurer
(301) 279-9629

Mr. Cyrus Bamji, Joint Treasurer
(301) 929-0607

Mr. Navroz Gandhi, Secretary
(443) 254-6654

Mr. Zal Damkevala, Joint Secretary
(814) 574-7452

Mr. Zubin Mistry, Trustee-at-Large
(202) 297-0676

The following emails were sent by Dr. D, Jahanian:

Sent: Friday, September 14, 2007 9:36:09 PM

Dear members and trustees:

There are various options open to us. It is obvious that the previous
set up and inaction has not moved the project ahead and is raising
concerns in the community.

1- to sell the land. We will receive $2,700.000 to 1,500.000 cash
after expenses. The major part of the cash plus 300,000 collected by
Wandsar plus whatever the local community can raise can be spent to
purchase an appropriate structure for the community center and
hopefully if we are left with extra cash we can spend for other

2- Lease the Hunter mill property for a period of 7 years to the local
association for 1 dollar a year if they could proceed with the
existing plan and do the site improvement build the prayer room and
auditorium (Jashn gah) kitchen and bathrooms, then extend it for 99
years lease for one dollar a year or later at any appropriate time
transfer the ownership on one condition that the temple should equally
be accessible to all the Zoroastrian and those in love of
Zarathushtra. This commitment is unconditional. Of course you should
be able to raise at least 1,700.000 to 2,000.000 for the preliminary

3- In north Texas the community of over 150 families have bought a 2.6
acres property for 253,000 and they have a construction project of
906,000. Phase one is to begin soon for 600,000 including prayer
room, class rooms , library, office, kitchen and restrooms. Phase 2
will consist of hall for 300 people for $300,000 These figures can be
adjusted to the need of the society. Of course always extra money
should set aside for mechanic's lien and maintenance, furniture and so forth.

The architect is Cyrus Rivetna who has studied ancient and modern z.
temples. He can be approached to draw a similar plan for the size of
Wash.Dc community. I believe this budget goal easily is approachable
by the community.

4- The very last that hopefully is not the case, if the local
community does not take any action, then we will sell the property and
spend the proceeds in other locations.

The above plans are food for the thought. Please study it carefully
so that our meeting with you will be fruitful.

We are open to suggestion.
Daryoush Jahanian

The following email was sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 11:18:58 PM

It is an excellent program. However late Saturday or early Sunday we
need to squeez time for the trustees to meet and make decision.
As I have said none of the plans are final they are only options. The
last one under study is to subdivide the parcel, sell the two acres
for minimum of one million return half of the proceeds to the
community for the construction of Darbe Mehr and the other half to
spend for construction of other Darbe mehers. This is very
preliminary. whether it can be done without ruining the other three
acres for temple site or whether the county will accept it, and how
much is the cost of subdivision, have to be carefully studied.
Remember the final decision will be made by all the trustees after
listenning to the needs and views of all the local people and decide
whatever is the best for the local community . We are there to get
the project off the ground and move forward. there should be no

Daryoush Jahanian